Have you ever paused to consider how much you know about the great cities of the world? I’m sure everyone has some sense of how Ellis Island in New York City served as the door to the United States for countless immigrants from a number of countries. Most people probably even have an understanding that the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris made its grand debut during the World’s Fair of 1889.

While I’m sure you have some knowledge of some of your favorite places, both at home and abroad, it goes without saying that there are still plenty of parts of the world left for you to explore. But you don’t have to necessarily visit a city to really come to know it. Sometimes, you can get the best sense of an unfamiliar place by researching its history, understanding its culture, and even reading its local publications. One place that deserves some research on your part is without a doubt Chapala, Mexico.

Chapala, known by locals as “The Wet or Soaked Place,” or “A Place for Ducking into the Water,” is the town after which Mexico’s most important lake is named. Originally a pre-Hispanic settlement dating back to 12th century, Chapala gave shelter to a number of foreigners of diverse nations during the first European colonization in 1895. With the introduction of the railroad shortly after, this once “small fisherman’s village” soon transformed into a hub of economic growth and possibilities for its residents.

Today, you’ll find locals spending a great deal of time on the beautiful water—water skiing, sailing, triathlon contests, and regattas are a favorite pastime of many inhabitants. If you are considering a visit to Chapala (and we sure hope you are), go when the famous Carnival takes place, which is often in February. There you’ll find plenty of fun activities, including bull fights and plenty of stunning firework displays.

Chapala, Mexico is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s full of beautiful sites, boasts a rich history, and hosts some of the friendliest people you’ll ever find. We hope you have the good fortune one day to visit this incredible place for yourself. Until then, get the true sense of Chapala when you visit our restaurant. Come to Chapala Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Grill today to experience fine cuisine. Call us to reserve your table at 850-226-4800 and visit us in person at 67 Eglin Pkwy NE in the heart of Fort Walton Beach.